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Uganda’s Success Over the Ebola Epidemic – Uganda Safari News

Ebola Uganda is always on the red alert for an Ebola outbreak crisis. Given Uganda’s location next to the neighboring D.R Congo which suffers from multiple relapses of the Ebola outbreak. Uganda has to always keep an eye on unfolding events about the Ebola disease in D.R. Congo. Even this time round when there happened to be an outbreak of Ebola in D.R Congo, the Uganda medical fraternity had to ready themselves to handle any eventuality that would come its way and it wasn’t long before Ebola victims came knocking on Uganda’s border in Kasese. The Ugandan ministry of health had to deploy a rapid response team to see to it that these patients are contained within a particular area so as to avoid further spread of this deadly viral disease to other Ugandans that live in the Kasese area.

Since the outbreak of this disease in the month of June, there are only 3 victims that have succumbed to this disease and there no new recorded cases of Ebola highlighting Uganda’s global success in its continued fight against Ebola. As you read this article, the Ugandan ministry of health has embarked on an ambitious programme to educate the Ugandan masses about the importance of hand washing before accessing crowded places, screening and vaccination of people suspected to have gotten into contact with Ebola victim.

Ebola In this response to Ebola epidemic, Uganda isn’t alone its fight against Ebola as international health agencies have always rendered a helping hand to Uganda to support her in this fight. It was on this same note that the director general of the world health organization visited Uganda earlier this week to assess Uganda’s Ebola response and this was his 3rd vist in a space of less than 2 years. During this visit, Dr. Tedros Adhnom Ghebreyesus commended the resilience of Uganda’s health systems that have always delivered a success story in the fight against Ebola every time an outbreak occurs in Uganda and even in other countries on the African continent. Many international health and donor agencies have pledged and donated materials and money to help Uganda in her fight against deadly killer.  These include the European commission has provided an emergency funding of €2.5 million for Uganda, UNICEF under the umbrella of its UN Child Agency has donated 5500 hand washing facilities to put in crowd areas such as schools, hospitals, and border entry points in 17 districts across western Uganda.

Uganda has put up a very strong fight against Ebola so as to maintain its status as a peaceful and Ebola free destination in east Africa. Uganda’s tourism is the leading foreign exchange earner for the country raking in 1.45billion USD as of 2019 financial reports.

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