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National Parks in Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo is a vast nation in Central Africa. It is at the middle of the dense Equatorial jungle of Africa.

As a result of political instability, Congo’s protected areas have been at stake with a lot of attack on biodiversity including intense elephant killing for ivory. But nevertheless the demarcations still stand and the biodiversity is rejuvenating following the defeat of the some of the major rebel groups in the area including the M23.

The National Parks of Congo include Virunga National Park with counts of mountain gorillas, elephants and the Virunga Volcanoes, Garamba National Park a world heritage site with extensive savannah woodland and grassland, four (4) large mammals including elephants, giraffes, hippopotamus and the white rhinoceros, the Kahuzi-Biega National Park which is a extends over a primary tropical forest featuring two spectacular extinct volcanoes of Kahuzi and Biega that form the background for its naming. The Kahuzi-Biega shelters the population of the eastern lowland gorillas, Salonga National Park which is the largest tropical rainforest reserve in Africa only accessible by water and shelters unique species like dwarf chimpanzee, African slender-snouted or ‘false’ crocodile, Congo peacock and the forest elephant. The Upemba National Park extends in the Katanga Province to the south west of Congo forming largest National Park in the area.

The National Parks of Congo present a natural habitat to a range of species including the endangered mountain gorillas and also attract counts of world travellers to undertake safaris in Congo thus contributing to national development.