Rwanda Gorilla Safaris

We offer Rwanda Gorilla safaris & tours such as tailored Rwanda gorilla safaris & tours featuring gorilla trekking in Rwanda`s Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda primates, wildlife safari plus Rwanda cultural encounters. Customise your Rwanda Gorilla safari tour now and enjoy the true African Safari experience. Rwanda dubbed the land of a thousand hills is one of the Countries in Africa offering the life time gorilla safari experiences that can never be got anywhere else in the world. Naturally gifted with the super natural sceneries of the rolling winding hills as well as the lush green country side occupied by the beautiful and hospitable Rwanda citizens, Rwanda’s endangered Mountain Gorillas thrive in the Volcanoes national which is dotted with the Virunga massifs .

Rwanda Gorilla Safari Tours – Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safaris

Rwanda Gorilla Safaris and tours come with an outstanding experience that is not only got  from trekking gorillas but also a tour  to various wildlife safari destination of Akagera National Park, undertaking an ultimate primate trekking encounter and the most adventurous Nyungwe canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest National Park or visiting the Rwanda genocide memorial centers that are distributed  in different parts of the country. The genocide Centre’s include  Gisozi memorial Centre , Nyamata and Murambi not leaving out the exceptional cultural heritage sites of Nyanza in Butare Rwanda’s  southern province where the former palace of the traditional Rwanda monarchy with exceptional architectural buildings and traditional Inyambo cows with incredible beauty are located .These together with their unique cavalcade amalgamate to trigger or offer  an utmost Rwanda Gorilla  safari experience.

Taking a gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park spanning on the north west of the country offers an explainable adventure attempt in the shadows of the fascinating Virunga Mountains. The land of thousand hills-Rwanda has for so long strategized herself as less arduous gorilla trekking destination where visitors on gorilla safaris to Rwanda can even track world endangered Mountain gorillas in one day and retire back home. Rwanda gorilla trekking safari involves driving through the most unexplored and scenic landscapes of the rolling picturesque hills that have earned the country nick name the land of a thousand hills.

Booking your Gorilla safari in Rwanda with us is among the best decisions that you can ever take while seeking for memorable ultimate gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda. The experienced professional guides and the vast knowledge that is possessed by its staff is enough to organize any gorilla trekking safari package both in Rwanda and Uganda. The fleet of comfortable safari vehicles and the broad selection of all categories of lodges ranging from Budget/Basic, Mid-range/Standard to Luxury/ Upmarket amalgamate to offer ultimate gorilla safari experience to all our lovely travelers.

1 Day Rwanda Gorilla Tour

This 1 Day Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari tour, is the cheapest and shortest gorilla Tour that is organized for Visitors with limited time to spend on safari in Rwanda.. Read More

2 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trek

The 2 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trek safari tour is a mini break Gorilla safari encounter organized for visitors on Rwanda Gorilla tour. Read More

3 Days Rwanda Gorillas & Golden Monkey Trek

The 3 Days Rwanda Gorillas and Golden Monkey Trekking safari is an excellent mini Rwanda mountain gorilla tour that will offer you an opportunity to encounter . Read More

4 Days Gorilla trekking Safari to Volcanoes National Park

The 4 Days Gorilla trekking Safari to Volcanoes National Park is good safari package characterized by being a nature and heritage safari. Read More

5 Days Rwanda Gorillas &Wildlife Safari

The 5 Days Rwanda Gorillas & Wildlife Safari is a highly packed safari package that gives you a golden chance to encounter the unique apes. Read More

Long Rwanda Gorilla Safari Tours – Long Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safaris

6 Day Rwanda Gorillas & Chimpanzee trekking Safari

The 6 Days Rwanda Gorillas & Chimpanzee trekking Safari is one of the excellent safari packages 0rganised by Prime Safaris and Tours Ltd. Read More

8 Days Rwanda Gorillas & Wildlife Safari Encounter

The 8 Days Rwanda Gorillas & Wildlife Safari Encounter is comprehensive Rwanda Safari tour package that will offer you Ultimate Safari Memories. Read More

Rwanda National Parks – Rwanda safari Destinations

Rwanda-the land of a thousand hills boasts of three well protected national parks located in different parts of the country. The three parks have varied habitats thus supporting varied biodiversity allowing Rwanda to maintain a good count natural flora and fauna in its small protected landscapes. The Volcanoes National Park in the north west of the country with its Afro-alpine vegetation is the most popular destination in Rwanda since it is a home to the critically endangered mountain gorillas and the golden monkeys which present an ideal ground for gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda and golden monkey tracking tours in Rwanda. Volcanoes National Park also protects the Virunga mountain chain on the Rwandan site and houses the Dian Fossey site. In the east of Rwanda, there lies the rolling Savannah landscape of Akagera National Park which is the only refugee of Savannah wildlife in the whole of Rwanda. It has a rich habitat with a swamp fringed lakes along with Savannah plains, papyrus swamps and rolling highlands. The wildlife like Masai Giraffe, elephants, Buffaloes, elephants, lions, Roan Antelope, elands, among and aquatics like Nile Crocodiles and Hippos are found in the park. The humid forest of Nyungwe Forest National Park in the south west of Rwanda supports 13 primate Species including the common chimpanzees and Black and white colobus monkeys. The park is noted to have survived the last ice age and being one of the largest montane forests in East and Central Africa. Its lush canopy has been brought to you by a remarkable canopy walkway that is 40m tall and 90m long making it the first of its king in East Africa and the third in Africa with its exploration commencing at Uwinka Visitor center.

These parks contribute significantly to biodiversity conservation and national development through tourist revenue generation.

Volcanoes National Park rwanda
Volcanoes National Park rwanda

Volcanoes National Park Volcanoes National Park is most popular to many travellers as gorilla trekking destination in the picturesque Virunga Conservation Area and as the first African national park that was established in the year 1925 as the area covered by Virunga Volcanoes i.e. Mikeno, Karisimbi and Visoke volcanic peaks and a mountain gorilla’s natural sanctuary. Read More

Canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest National Park
Canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe Forest National Park Conveniently located in the resplendent hills of southwestern Rwanda, Nyungwe Forest National Park is bordering Democratic Republic of Congo on the west and Burundi on the southern part with Lake Kivu. The park is the only one in the Central and East Africa with enormous Montane forest. Its strategic location in the watershed between the basin of the river Congo on the western part of the park and the basin of the river Nile on the eastern section makes the forest to be one of the fabulous sources of the famous Nile suited on the eastern part of park. Read More

Akagera National Park
Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park Akagera national park is located in the Eastern part of Rwanda along the frontier of the Neighboring Tanzania. The park was established in the 1934 to help protect and conserve the diverse fauna and flora commonly in the three (3) eco-regions the rolling hills of Acacia and Brachystegia Woodland, the sparsely distributed grassland and swamp-fringed Mountain. The famous Akagera Park got its name after the prominent Kagera River that flows along the frontiers of park supplying / feeding water to different water bodies mainly to Lake Ihema which is the second largest lake in Rwanda. Read More