Congo Safari Tours – Congo Gorilla Safaris (Gorilla Trekking In Congo Virunga National Park & Kahuzi Biega National Park) | Mount Nyiragongo Volcano Hiking Congo Safaris & Wildlife Viewing Trips

Gorilla Trekking Congo, Congo Gorilla Safari ToursFor 10 years, we organise Congo safari tours majorly Congo Gorilla safaris (Congo gorilla tours) taking you gorilla trekking in Congo Virunga National Park to see mountain Gorillas and Kahuzi Biega National Park, to see Low Land Gorillas in Africa, Mount Nyiragongo Volcano hiking safaris & Wildlife Viewing Congo safaris-packages.

Our Congo Safaris offer extraordinary experiences that are not only got from Congo gorilla tours in Africa but from more adventurous activities like hiking the ever-burning active Mount Nyiragongo Volcano, exploring the largest area of primary rain forest in Africa, viewing amazing wildlife, and taking a Cultural walk to interact with the Congolese communities who are known to have a rich tradition.

Gorilla trekking safaris in Congo provide a unique and unforgettable opportunity to interact with these graceful, powerful, and iconic apes – the largest of all. Our gorilla trekking safaris offer a range of unique destinations as we organize gorilla safaris in Uganda & Rwanda Africa as well.