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Bird species or Avifauna in Virunga National Park

Birds as a Congo Safari attraction in Virunga National ParkBird species or Avifauna Virunga national park; The park is very diverse with over 706 bird species that are protected in the park and of which 24 are considered to be endemic to the Virungas. The wetlands species include herons, ibisis, egrets, bitterns, duck, geese, darters, cormorants, skimmers, shoebills, open bills, ospreys, gulls, francolins, warblers and weavers and there are large numbers of pelicans on the lower Rutshuru River. The papyrus yellow warbler may exist in the far north. Rare birds in the volcanic highlands are Grauer’s swamp warbler in highland swamps, and Rockefeller’s sunbird Nectarinia rockefelleri in bamboo, forest and heath stream thickets; in the Ruwenzori mountain forests, Shelley’s crimsonwing Cryptospiza shelleyi and Stuhlmann’s doublecollared sunbird Nectarinia stuhlmanni in the bamboo and alpine zones. Notable mountain forest birds are the Rwenzori turaco, Musophaga johnstoni and the handsome francolin, Francolinus nobilis; also the forest ground thrush Turdus oberlaenderi and the shoebill Balaeniceps rex.