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Fauna Wildlife in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Fauna in nyungwe forest national parkFauna; The highly endowed ancient Nyungwe forest boasts of a wide range of animal/wildlife species and this earn it conservation and protection status in Africa. The rich forest is located in a region where various enormous biogeographically zones meet/converge with the different types of terrestrial biomes creating a wide -range of microhabitats that support the survival different wildlife species.

The outstanding park in the land of thousand hills boasts of thirty(13) different/exclusive primate species comprising of 25% of Africa’s total number of primates species, eighty-five ( 85) mammal species, Thirty two (32) amphibian and thirty eight(38) reptile species. Most of these wildlife species are endemic to the Albertine right valley region.

Nyungwe‘s main wildlife species drawing the attention of the many travellers involve the 500 Chimpanzees (Pan Troglodytes) that thrive in the protected areas of the park. A safari to Nyungwe to be guided by the Professional guides working in the park offers one an opportunity to spot or view their signs: nests, calls, or scat. Nyungwe national park is the only destaintaion in Africa where the Adolf Friedrich’s Angolan Colobus (Colobus angolensis Ruwenzori) join to form large “super groups” of over three hundred fifty (350) individuals.

Lhotse’s Monkey, Sun-tailed Gabon and Preuss’ Cameroon are the only three monkey species that are identified to have lived in the Nyungwe frorest before even the occurrence of the ice age. Over time the Nyungwe forest has been partitioned into parts and each monkey got accustomed to its own part of the forest and the existence of separate species in the forest. For instance the Blue Monkey also called the tree-dwelling guenons can be easily found around Uwinka. While Silver Monkey, Golden Monkey, Hamlyn’s Monkey, Red-tailed Monkey, and Dent’s Mona Monkey Vervet Monkey as well as Olive Baboon and Grey-cheeked Mangabey .

Other animals’; species in the park include the leopard, serval cat, golden cat, side-stripped jackal, African civet, Genet, marsh mongoose and slender which well- represent the carnivores mammal species. There are also three (3) species of duikers, squirrels, two species of flying and tree hyrax.