We often hear jokes about brain size; and how larger brains work as better powerhouses than the smaller brains but having the smallest brain among the great apes does not necessarily make gorillas the dull animals. Weight comparison between the human and gorilla brain is at an average of 1250 grams and 500 grams respectively.

Gorillas are quite picky and know the exact details of what they want; which is often not the case for some high school kids. Gorillas know the exact food they want to eat on a particular day and also envision the kind of comfort that they want their nests to offer them. Additionally, gorillas have better manners than many humans. They are often calm and rarely bizarre unless they are highly angered. Gorillas are also one of the most curious primates; something you can see in how the alphas tend to come out and survey who their guests on gorilla tracking safaris are.

Their intelligence continues to peak with a recent discovery in July 2012 where two mountain gorillas in Rwanda (a blackback and juvenile) dismantled a snare that had caught one of their family members the day before.