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Home » Gorilla Facts » Chimpanzees and humans use tools, how about gorillas?

Chimpanzees and humans use tools, how about gorillas?

The masters of tool use are indeed humans and the chimpanzees and they design tools depending on a number of factors like the condition of their habitat, necessity and different other reasons. Chimpanzees have most popularly made tools for feeding and drinking while some publications say that they have learnt to sharpen sticks and use them to spear down smaller mammals like the bush babies and duikers.

Gorillas use tools less that the chimps and humans do but their tool use is highly observed in nesting. When they are nesting, they pull together different branches and leaves and lace them together to form a perfect bed for a night. Perhaps the level of brain development in these guys coupled with the formation of their fingers explains the possibility that in the future they may learn to develop more tools.