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Are gorillas fine with water?

This is another interesting debate; we could easily say yes or no; but these answers ought to be backed up by some evidence. The majority would passionately oppose the motion because gorillas are rarely seen swimming in water; perhaps that’s only a characteristic of humans among the great apes; or because they rarely drink water.

But interestingly, the reason why gorillas don’t drink water is not because they fear it but because they do not really need to look so far for it. Gorillas have enough of water in their diet and less often have to look for streams from which to drink. Yes gorillas do not swim but that doesn’t mean they cannot jump into the water. Some lowland gorillas have been observed to cross shallow swamps in order to access food across the swamp. But this they do while maintaining the water to their waist level.

It would be insane to say that gorillas have raincoats and umbrellas to use when it rains so rain-time is not fun time for the gorillas, but they will sit still like they don’t really care. If there is a nearby cave, the alpha may direct his family there, but if there isn’t a nearby shelter, these mammals will sit still; after all it can never rain for a month non-stop. Their thickly forested habitat also shelters them from the heavy rains most of the time but many a time their thick hairy coat has to insulate them in times like these.