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Rwanda provides some of the most spectacular scenery in Africa, be it the dramatic Virunga volcanoes bordering Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo or the forest of Nyungwe, one of the enormous montane forests in Central Africa, the natural habitat of chimpanzees and large groups of Colobus monkeys.

Volcanoes National Park (Parc National des Volcans) is situated in northwest Rwanda and is an area of thickly vegetated rainforest and bamboo providing shelter to endangered golden monkeys and approximately one-third of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas population.

It is also where primatologist Dian Fossey carried out her seminal work, which was her adopted home and place of rest. Dian expressed the feeling of coming face-to-face with silverback mountain gorillas “The expression in his eyes was unfathomable. Spellbound I returned his gaze – a gaze that seemed to combine elements of inquiry and acceptance.” It is an experience only those who have lived can fully understand.

Deep within the thickets of Nyungwe National Park lies another gripping wildlife encounter. Here chimpanzees crash noisily through the forests, and witnessing these distant human relatives and their human-like behavior is another highlight of any Rwanda wildlife safari.

Conservation also plays an important role in local tourism and there is a strong ethos of preservation of rare primates; many visitors find it rewarding to know that they are reinforcing the good work of the local organizations by contributing to park fees and permits.

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Rwanda is also popular for game viewing tours! Akagera National Park, the only Savannah Park in the country is worthy to visit. On a game viewing tour through this park, there are high chances of encountering the unique wild game that includes elephants, Buffaloes, hippos, waterbucks, zebras, Topi, giraffes, crocodiles, and elusive bird species.

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