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What makes a gorilla sick?

Gorillas are not immortal beings and they therefore suffer from a number of diseases some of which claim their lives. While the adults’ immune systems might be stronger, if a baby falls sick, the hope that it will heal from the sickness is minimal. Because of the similarity in the genetic composition with humans, gorillas and humans can exchange sicknesses but gorillas stand in a more vulnerable position to contract communicable diseases like colds, coughs and even Ebola if they come too close in contact with humans.

Gorillas also often have complications in their digestive systems principally intestinal worms and protozoans, and because they don’t have ready access to deworming vaccines or tablets like humans, they often live uncomfortably with parasites in their bodies.

The cold habitat I which they leave puts them in a vulnerable state to contract respiratory diseases exclusively pneumonia. And this easily weakens and kills the weaker and younger members of the gorilla family.

Additionally gorillas suffer from wounds which may either be due to natural causes like hurting themselves or sometimes when they fall in hunters’ traps. Some of these traps contain deadly chemicals, implicating that even if they flee, they will die of open wounds or the chemicals will kill them slowly.

Some gorilla’s illnesses come with old age, normally after making their 35th birthday. Gorillas begin to suffer from a sickness called periodontitis in which their gum muscles weaken and some gorillas begin to lose teeth which makes feeding les enjoyable. At this age they often suffer from arthritis which weakens their bones and muscles, leaving them in a state of reduced mobility.