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What is a normal day in the gorilla family?

Gorillas have a basic day which is principally directed by their alpha silverback. They wake up from their nests around the same time the sun rises (around 6:30) and they will often destroy their nests there and then. Early in the morning the alpha silverback is already looking for where the group will have breakfast from, but the baby gorillas do not have to wait for the alpha’s signal to start feeding because they are normally clinging onto their mothers and feeding at least once every hour.

When the alpha locates an ideal feeding location, he will enjoy the first bite and then invite the rest of the family to feast together with him. Once all the gorillas have had enough, they begin to rest at around midday. During this time, members may decide to take naps while the younger gorillas prefer to play around.

After the resting episode, they resume their daily feeding campaign and then rest more in the later hours of the afternoon. During this time the members bond more; males strengthen relationships with their wives while new silverbacks begin to attract females to themselves. At the end of the rest period (around 6:00 pm to 6:00 pm), they begin to gather materials used in weaving together their individual nests for the night’s rest. When it is dark, the gorillas begin to enter their nests while the infants share a nest with their moms.