The weights and sizes of gorillas vary depending on a number of factors like age, sex and subspecies. The mountain gorillas are larger when compared to the lowland gorillas of West Africa and they weigh a whole lot more. In both subspecies (lowland and mountain gorillas), the adult females mature to a size about half of their adult male counterparts the silverback gorillas and weigh less than the males. It is not surprising then if you heard that the males eat more than the females.

Measuring a fully grown silverback mountain gorilla from sole to the top of the head (if it was standing on twos) provides a reading of six (6) feet (about 1.9 meters) on average; while some males grow beyond that height while the lowland males measure 5.5 feet (approximately 1.7 meters) or less. The average chest width of a silverback mountain gorilla is 1.50 meters while the average horizontal length from the tips of its left fingers to the tips of its right fingers is 2.25 meters.

Male lowland gorillas weigh between 140 and 160 kilograms (309 and 353 pounds) while the silverback mountain gorillas have an average weight of 193 kilograms (425 pounds). So if the male sits on you, it might not be the best experience of your life. Female mountain gorillas weigh between 70 and 10 kilograms (154 and n243 pounds). Baby gorillas weigh about half the weight of a human baby; i.e. 1.4 to 1.8 kilograms (about 3 – 4 pounds).