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Gorilla Facts Who are the gorillas’ biggest enemies in Uganda Rwanda Congo

Gorillas have enemies; another similarity they have with humans and these should be blamed for the reduction in numbers especially in the mountain gorilla subspecies which today stands at only 880 individuals.

The greatest enemies of mountain gorillas are humans because they threaten gorillas in many different ways. In the past, a big number of gorillas were lost to hunters who hunted them down for their coats while others just killed them for fun. Gorilla poaching has reduced but a great deal of efforts are required if this vice is to be completely stopped. Humans have also impacted gorilla lives through destroying their habitats in pursuit of wood for charcoal and firewood. Additionally, even during the regulated mountain gorilla tracking safaris, some visitors defy the rule of keeping at least seven (7) meters away from the gorillas and in so doing they communicate fatal diseases to these animals. Wars and insecurities around the gorilla habitats have also threatened the survival of the gorillas because they are forced to leave their suitable habitats for more peaceful places which are sometimes difficult to adapt to.

Nocturnal hunters like the leopards also bear part of the blame for the loss of some gorillas. Leopards are known to be quite adaptive to different environments and some of these skillful hunters have been attracted to the green forested habitats of the gorillas. They sometimes lunch attacks on weaker or older member of the gorilla family or the infants mainly at night.

Gorillas also often become their own enemies. They fight among themselves especially the wild gorilla families and in the process many of their members are hurt while some gorillas especially the weaker infants die during the tussle. Fights are less among the habituated gorilla families but they rather experience attacks from wild mountain gorilla families.