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Are Gorillas Stronger Than Humans?

The mystery of how strong or weak a gorilla is in comparison to man has not fully been investigated; but continues to stand as one of the most interesting debates in among gorilla enthusiasts today. We would not be wrong to picture their might basing on their size, weight and ferocious appearance but all these do not make standard mathematical measurements.

When you meet a well-grown mountain gorilla uprooting bamboo shoots, you might be forced to think that it is so easy to do the same, but if offered an opportunity to try this technique with your bare hands you will be forced to solicit for a machete instead.

A fight between two angry male mountain gorillas is something you would rather watch on TV than just a few meters away in their natural habitat. The strength exhibited in the fists that these giant apes exchange will most definitely make you call you mommy like a baby. You would not want to get into such a fight as the referee but the reflex action will be to race off for your life.

Researchers have at least managed to tell us that man cannot single-handedly contain an infant mountain gorilla of four months. This leaves us wondering then how strong a fully grown alpha will be. One interesting comparison states that if we put together a team of ten (10) energetic heavy weight boxers, a silverback mountain gorilla would easily break their limbs and ribs even if they were on drugs.

A gorilla’s strength has inspired a number of works of art like the legendary movie, King Kong but until now we are not certain about how strong they really are. It would therefore be wise for us to put on our best manners when we are around the gorillas.