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The park boasts of wide-range of mammal species than any other protected area within the Albertine Rift Valley Region. Among the exceptional species involve the world endangered species of;

Lowland Gorillas

3 Days Congo Gorilla Trek– Virunga National ParkAmong the 136 species of mammals identified in the park, the eastern lowland gorilla is the most famous and certainly the most unique animal species attracting the many safaris to the park. According to a 2008 status report of the DR of Congo, the park had 125 lowland gorillas, a marked reduction from the figure of 600 gorillas of the pre-1990’s conflict period, and consequently the species has been listed in the endangered list. The park is the last refuge of this rare species. According to the census survey of eastern lowland gorillas reported by the Wildlife Conservation Society in April 2011, at least 181 gorillas were recorded in the park. Read More