Overview of the 1 Day Semuliki Cultural Safari Uganda Tour / 1 Day Uganda Cultural Safari in Semuliki National Park

This 1 day Uganda cultural safari gives you an opportunity to meet the some of the earliest inhabitants of East Africa the Bambuti who have lived the jungles on the slopes of the Rwenzori forests between Uganda and DR Congo for over a millennium. This 1-day safari Uganda to Semuliki National Park begins from Fort Portal town which is relatively close to Semuliki with 60km separating the fort portal from Semuliki National Park.

Semuliki National Park Uganda is located in Uganda which is found in the East African region on the African continent on the geographical coordinates of 00o40’39” N 30o03’40” E. Semuliki National Park lies 360km or 5-hour drive from Kampala city the capital of Uganda in Bwamba county in the southwestern district of Bundibugyo. Semuliki National park is bordered by Democratic Republic of Congo in the west, Ntoroko district in the north, Semuliki wildlife reserve in the northeast, mt Rwenzori in the south and Kabarole district in the east. Semuliki National Park covers an area that is found in the Albertine rift valley basin lying between relatively flat surfaces and gentle slopes with its highest point being 760m or 2,490ft above sea level and its lowest point being 670m or 2,200ft above sea level

Highlights of the 1 Day Semuliki Cultural Safari Uganda Tour / 1 Day Uganda Cultural Safari in Semuliki National Park

Transfer from fort portal to Semuliki National Park, engage cultural encounter with the Bambuti then an afternoon nature hike to the Sempaya hot springs.

Detailed itinerary of the 1 Day Semuliki Cultural Safari Uganda Tour / 1 Day Uganda Cultural Safari in Semuliki National Park

Kick-off this short Uganda wildlife tour with an early morning breakfast from your lodge. Get ready for a morning pick up from your hotel in Fort Portal. This pick up is done by any of our senior guides who will give you a great company on your tour Uganda to Semuliki National Park. Get comfortable in any our wide range of safari car hire rentals in Uganda such as 4×4 luxury land cruisers for hire in Uganda, 4×4 safari vans for hire in Uganda. Embark on a thrilling 1.5-hour Uganda tour journey that gets you to meet the various road sightings such as the beautiful Rwenzori mountains. You will also meet several Ugandans who might even take a moment to give a genuine smile and wave as a gesture of welcoming you to the pearl of Africa on your 1 day Uganda safari to Semuliki National Park. On arrival to Semuliki National Park transfer to the Bambuti local community group where these excited locals will give an emphatic welcome that comes with a mixture of African drums, singing and dances.  These amazing locals take you through their daily life to give you an insight into how they lived in harmony with the wild mammals that are found in the jungles of Semuliki National park. After this cultural experience transfer to a nearby lodge for lunch then you embark on a spectacular Uganda hiking safari to the Sempaya hot springs. Listen to the amazing local tales about the formation of these 2 hot springs. On making it to the hot springs you will definitely be awed by these natural creations of Semuliki as you will see hot water shooting up into the air for about a meter. If you have row eggs with you, just drop them in this bumbling hot water and within a few minutes, they will be ready to serve. After this experience start on your short Uganda safari journey back to fort portal and this marks an end of this Uganda safari tour to Semuliki National Park.

After meeting the Bambuti people of Semuliki, you really need to also meet the Batwa who are closely related to the Bambuti of Semuliki National Park. The Batwa are found on the edge of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which is located in the southwestern district of Kanungu. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park also gives a unique moment to have an interaction with the elusive mountain gorillas as its home to over 400 gorillas. A Uganda gorilla safari to Bwindi gives you a chance to interact with any of the available 18 gorilla families that you will meet during this gorilla safari Uganda to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Uganda gorilla tours to Bwindi usually come in both short Uganda gorilla trekking safaris and long Uganda gorilla safaris. If you intend on making this journey to Bwindi, you will drive through Queen Elizabeth national park which is a great place to be for a Uganda wildlife safari encounter which comes with an encounter of numerous wild mammals such as cape buffaloes, African bush elephants, leopards, hippos and the famous tree-climbing lions found in the Ishasha sector. Uganda wildlife safaris in Queen Elizabeth also come in both short Uganda wildlife safaris and long Uganda wildlife safaris.

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