Mountain gorillas

live on the slopes of the Virungas. Out of a total mountain gorilla population of 880 animals, 480 are considered to be thirving in the Virunga Massifs. Eastern lowland gorillas Gorilla g. graueri live on Mount Tshiaberimu northwest of the lake and in the Semliki valley forests, threatened by illegal farmers and tree fellers. In famous Virunga National Park, the Mountain Gorillas are situated in the Mikeno Sector, about a two and half our drive from Goma. They can also be approached from Bunagana (border of Uganda). The permit is $400, so slightly cheaper than the two countries of Uganda or Rwanda. The visits are also a bit more authentic and in smaller groups. There are several operators who can organize this, but all book via the ICCN (Congolse Wildlife Authority) sales office in Goma.


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