Fauna/Wildlife in Virunga national park

In terms of wildlife, the Park boasts of 218 mammal species, 109 reptile species and 78 amphibian species. It also serves as refuge to 22 primate species of which three are the great ape – mountain gorilla the eastern plain gorilla and the eastern chimpanzee, with a third of the world population of mountain gorillas. Some of the largest wild animal concentrations in Africa occur along the rivers of the Virunga National park. The interesting Mammals in the savannah of the Rwindi area include: elephant, hippopotamus, buffalo, numerous antelope including kob, defassa waterbuck and topi, warthog, lion and various monkeys. Large numbers of pelicans occur on the lower Rutshuru. In the Semiliki Valley and on the slopes of the Virunga mountains are gorilla, chimpanzee and okapi.


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